Headstarting is a collaborative effort between WWT, BirdsRussia and the RSPB, and occurs as part of the International Arctic Expedition mounted each year by BirdsRussia under the leadership of Dr. Evgeny Syroechkovskiy.

Getting into a routine

Liz writes:

Not much to report, spent most of the afternoon digging up turf and replacing soiled turf from the runs.  Settling into a routine of regular feeds, starting at 6am and finishing up when the last person goes to bed.  We are now only running the generator to power the heat lamp for the youngest group (Margel’s group).  It will be nice to not need it, and be able to sleep without the constant background roaring!

Our outdoor rearing facility and camp (c) Liz Brown

Our outdoor rearing facility and camp (c) Liz Brown

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