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Happy birthday Liza – 4 July 2011

4 July 2011
It was a disturbed night, someone was banging at the door at 0400, we had nothing for whoever it was. Nige was up on and off all night long checking the incubators. I went to breakfast and left Nige catching up on sleep for a bit. I have spent a few sessions over recent days writing the blog entries when I can, editing images to send back to WWT and managing the video we have shot so far. Nige and I have reviewed the footage we have and we have also spent time discussing and planning what else we can get on tape to help tell the story. We have have filmed a lot of material, much of it in real conditions so windy weather is a constant nuisance to the microphone. The mozzie bites numbered over thirty from yesterday, they got through.

We were also visited by Dimi, the younger son of Andrey and Elena who is a very polite and well spoken young fella. His English is rather good. He brought a memory stick showing many images of the area during the spring, summer and early autumn all taken by his mother. We were impressed by the excellent photography and hope to share some of her images with everyone when we return. We shared our bread and jam in return, sadly no butter for the boy to enjoy with it.

It is Liza Tambovseva’s birthday, best wishes for the day Liza.

Liza Tamboutseva - birthday girl

2000-2230hrs A birthday meal for Liza, we all gathered at Sveta’s house to share her day and a meal.

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