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More bittersweet news 19 July 2011

We’ve had a last text from Nige before he left Anadyr. Very sadly a small chick died the night before last.

As we’ve reported before the survival rate of chicks in the wild is extremely low. So, to still have 17 chicks alive and well is better than we could have expected.

The good news is that Nige and Martin are on their way home. After ten weeks in the field, it’ll be great to see them. They’ll be taking a well-deserved rest and once they’ve found their feet again, we will bring you their further stories, photos and possibly even some video.

  1. Ken Turnip Reply

    The loss of any of these birds is sad, but 17 still alive is an astonishing achievement. Obviously, there is still a long way to go with these – I have everything crossed.

    Wishing Nige and Martin a swift and safe journey home. I’d imagine you’ll sleep for a week. I am in awe of what you have done. Have a good rest.

  2. Carla Stanley Reply

    These are such unique little pipers and unfortunately have typically nested in some of the most endangered habitat in the world. Seeing the wetlands filled in on the coasts of China and know that to lose habitat is to lose birds and to rehabilitate habitat is to make birds”. Let’s hope that saving this little sojourner becomes a priority all over those coasts, wetlands and tundra.

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