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Spoon-billed sandpipers on the radio – Tuesday

We’ve just heard from Radio 4’s Saving Species that this coming Tuesday they will broadcast interviews from their recent visit to see the Slimbridge flock .

Presenter Brett Westwood interviewed Nige Jarrett and WWT Director of Conservation, Dr Debbie Pain, at the wintering aviaries.

This follows on from last November, when Brett interviewed Dr Christoph Zockler and Martin McGill. You can to that interview again on the Saving Species website.


  1. Baz Hughes Reply

    Hi Everyone

    Just listened to this.

    Excellent job by Nige and Debbie (as usual).

    Brett Westwood ended the piece by saying something like “if you want to see the birds yourselves follow the links on the Saving Specie website”.

    He meant photos, of course, as the birds at Slimbridge are not on public view.

    Best wishes and thanks to everyone for their continued support.


  2. Ken Tucker (AKA Turnip) Reply

    Just listened online at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01n9z0s If you didn’t hear it, I would highly recommend it. Brett did a lovely interview (more of an informed chat) with Nige and you could hear the excitement in Brett’s voice when he first caught a glimpse of the birds. Nige was great too at getting across the incredible care being afforded these 28 birds and the depth of knowledge he has. Then Debbie brought home the importance of work on the ground to protect habitats along the flyway and the great work she and others did in Korea at the IUCN convention last month. An excellent programme.
    All the best.

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