Headstarting is a collaborative effort between WWT, BirdsRussia and the RSPB, and occurs as part of the International Arctic Expedition mounted each year by BirdsRussia under the leadership of Dr. Evgeny Syroechkovskiy.
EH track 5 Nov 2019 Vietnam coast

Yellow EH flies 2,500km non-stop from Jiangsu to Vietnam

Update from Guy Anderson Yellow EH left Tiaozini, Jiangsu, sometime after 0238hrs UTC (1038 local time) on 4 November, and has flown non-stop, with a good tail-wind all the way, now heading for the Vietnamese Coast, about 30km south of Quang Ngai, or 150km south of Da Nang, arriving b
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2019 Satellite Tracking Update – 5 November

As readers may have seen from these expedition blogs, the autumn 2019 expedition to Jiangsu province on the Yellow Sea coast of China took place from 27 September to 4 October. Involving more than 40 people, the expedition was organised by Prof. CHANG Qing and his team from Nanjing No
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JY after tagging, Tiaozini, 28 September 2019

2019 Satellite Tracking Pages Go Live!

You can now follow the progress of our satellite tagged spoonies by clicking on the map here. Our IT whizz, Robin Jones, has developed a clever system which downloads data from the Argos data servers every ten minutes. These data are automatically imported into our telemetry database
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2019 Headstarted Chick '5X' almost ready for migration.

News from the Field: summary of the 2019 headstarting season

Update from Jodie Clements Apologies for the lack of updates from Meinypil’gyno this season! Technical problems and a busy season led to fewer updates this year, but here is a summary of events since the last post when eggs were beginning to hatch. Egg candling. Look closely and
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Spoon-billed sandpiper Lime M4 ringed as a chick in Russia in 2016. Photo by Kane Brides/WWT.

Spoonies in China: 2019 expedition complete

Update from Nigel Clark I start writing this as we are stuck in a traffic jam on the way back to Shanghai to catch our flights home. The trip should take 3 hours but we have only moved a kilometre in the last hour and a half. That is the problem of travelling on the Chinese golden wee
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Spoonies in China: 2019 expedition update

Update from Kane Brides (WWT) Hello from Rudong, on the shores of the Yellow Sea in China! Since arriving and meeting up with Professor Chang and his team of students from Nanjing Normal University we have had a busy schedule! The team have been working flat out around the clock carry
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Spoonies in China: 2019 expedition getting underway

Update from Kane Brides (WWT) A year certainly does come around quickly! As I type, I am sat at London’s Heathrow with a team of people ready to fly out to China to continue working on Spoon-billed Sandpipers. In fact, we are not the only people getting ready for travel. The Spoon-bil
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News from the Field: Hatching begins

Update from Jodie Clements (3 July 2019) In early July, chicks were hatching left, right and centre! And with new life, came new challenges… The first chick hatched on 1st July, the earliest to hatch in the rearing house since headstarting in Meina began. During incubation, natural or
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News from the field: Busy, busy, busy!

Update from Jodie Clements (24 June 2019) In addition to the eggs in the last post, another 4 eggs were collected. These came from K6 and his unmarked partner. This clutch was quite intriguing with the eggs appearing larger than normal, especially once put in the incubator with the ot
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Spoony and friends – the breeding waders of Meina

Blog from Guy Anderson (Nature Recovery Unit, RSPB) While searching for spoonies on the tundra around Meina, we often bump into other waders rushing through their short breeding season. Some of these share much of their year with our spoony friends. Red-necked, Long-toed and Temminck’
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